African Urban Experiences In "Post" Colonial Zimbabwe  A Story in Harare after 1981,                                  2018 OGUMAG gallery, Japan

My first solo exhibition focuses on experiences in Africa, Zimbabwe.  A talk event entitled “To Portray the African Figure” was held during the exhibition with Art Historian, Christine Eyene.

Photos by Haruyuki Shirai 


Lost and Found  2017  3331 ArtsChiyoda AKIBATAMABI21

A  group exhibition curated with all selected artists who have participated in the project of writing for and making the booklet series, Lost and Found (vol.1~4).

Standing on the line  2015  OGUMAG Gallery Japan

An exhibition with dancer and printmaker Fumi Takahashi.

Graduation works  2015  Tama Art University

Hagakure Leaves  2013  Tama Art University

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